New Empire Industries

The Imperial Way. The Superior Way.

Precision Design and Manufacturing

All parts are manufactured in-house utilizing the highest quality materials and procedures.

100% American Made

All parts are 100% manufactured with American materials by American hands in the USA.

Who We Are:

New Empire Industries is a full CNC/OEM manufacturer for the firearm industry located in Lincoln, Nebraska. New Empire excels in both custom design, and full production work, with a particular specialty in the production of firearm barrels. As a registered Type 7 FFL,  with a Class 2 SOT, New Empire is licensed to produce any barrel or machined part, including NFA protected firearms and firearm components. These products can be readily available to customers sooner than the industry average, while maintaining the highest standard in quality control and customer satisfaction. With a constant pursuit of innovation in both performance and design, New Empire consistently raises the bar for itself and it's competitors.

2600 Kimco Dr. Lincoln

Nebraska 6851

Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm